8 Ideas for a Creative Business – Part 1

While the notion of the starving artist isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, it doesn’t have to be the case for everyone pursuing creative endeavours. Potential exists for these individuals to earn a living. To succeed in the creative industries, however, the artist is expected to do more than simply create. He’s expected to learn the art of running a business and to promote their own products, services, and skills. Fortunately, he has an innate creative flair to enable him to do just that.


Do you make craft items, such as decorative art or potholders? If so, you should consider selling it. There is a sufficient market for handmade crafts. The success of Etsy has proven this. In order to succeed with handmade crafts, you need sufficient time to make the goods, a cost-effective supply source, and the right price to sell them at.

Once you’ve made enough craft items, it’s a case of finding out where you can sell them from. Where does your market hang out? Are they attending craft fairs? Are they browsing Etsy? Or should you create your own online presence? Can you sell them on consignment from a local store?


There are numerous ways for you to make money from your writing abilities, such as article writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting. The option that offers the creative person more room to express themselves artistically, however, is fiction writing.

It used to be the case that to sell your book, you needed a publisher and an agent. Today, however, it’s more cost-effective and more straightforward than it’s ever been for an individual to publish their own work.

Whether you go down the traditional publishing route or do it yourself, you will need to ensure that you invest sufficient time and resources into marketing your book. That means you’ll need to build an author platform and develop a marketing plan.

Another promotional activity you can engage in is blogging. When you decide to start a blog, you can choose any niche you want. Bear in mind that it should be one other people would find interesting enough to want to know more about.

Mural or Faux Painting

The hardest part of this business is client generation, as there’s a limit on the distance over which you can travel. You also need to possess knowledge of the rules and laws on painting trademarked or copyrighted material.

Many businesses and homeowners, however, such as child care centres or paediatric doctor’s offices, hire painters to give a new look to their business or home. When just starting out, you might decide to paint something either in your own home or as a complimentary offer to a friend, in order to have something to show off in your portfolio.

One effective way to generate clients is to network with home improvement businesses and decorators. As mentioned above, while you may be limited in terms of travel, it’s still a good idea to have your own website to promote your service. After all, this is 2019 and many people opt for the Web over the Yellow Pages when seeking out local services.

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