8 Ideas for a Creative Business – Part 2

Graphic and web design

While it’s a technical area, creating graphics and web design calls for artistic talents in the field of design, such as fonts, texture, and colour. An increasing number of businesses and freelancers are promoting themselves online. However, many don’t have the skills or the time necessary to design their own graphics or create their own website. So instead, they seek out the help of a designer.

As this art form is related to the Internet, you can generate leads all over the globe. Many freelance sites and companies have projects and jobs accepting applications right now. When you’ve built up your own portfolio, you can choose to narrow your niche, such as building WordPress sites or working strictly for non-profit organisations.


If you have a keen sense of what makes a great photo, it could be that a photography business would suit you well. There are a number of ways with which you can earn more from photography. One is to take photos at weddings and other events. Another is to take portraits of people or pets. You could even choose to take photos of various objects and landscapes and sell your photos on the Web.

Interior design / home decorating

More and more people are looking to give their homes a makeover. This is in part down to the success of such home-centric shows as HGTV. The issue is, however, that many people don’t possess the knowledge to choose the right texture and colour, or have an eye for decorating their own home.

Not unlike decorative painting. there’s a limit to the distance over which you can feasibly travel to provide an interior design or home decorating service. If you network with home renovation firms, realtors, and builders, however, you can get referrals. You can also provide a home staging service. With home staging, you’re helping home sellers to clean, tidy, and decorate their homes to make them more visually appealing to potential buyers.


Beaded jewellery has grown in popularity but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only type of jewellery you can earn a living from. Many people acquire handcrafted jewellery simply because of its uniqueness and knowing that they have a one-of-a-kind design.

Like with all other businesses mentioned here, it’s important to find the right market for you and determine the right price for them. There are a number of ways for you to find your market, such as retail shops, craft fairs, in-home shows, sites such as Etsy, or your very own website.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are always a great idea for a present. In fact, the gifts could even be presented in an item other than a basket. A new student, for example, might like a backpack containing school supplies, such as exercise books, and even food. A new mother would surely love a nappy bag containing baby items. Your imagination is your only limitation here.

While most gift baskets can be sold over the Web, you may need to research the law when it comes to mailing food or alcohol e.g. a cheese and wine basket. Other options include word of mouth, sending catalogues to local businesses, consignments with local stores, and trade and craft shows.

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