Find a Niche for Your Creative Business – Part 2

Keyword planner

This is where you’ll be using the research beast that is Google. More specifically, you’ll be using the Keyword Planner. If you have a Gmail account, the Keyword Planner is free to use. Once you’ve accessed it, type in a generic keyword. The results will show you the number of searches received by that very keyword, as well as related keywords to get your brain thinking.

If the main keyword has received less than 1,000 searches, it indicates that the audience for the niche is too small. Try various versions of the phrase before you make a final decision, however. If the search has received one million searches, it’s too broad, at which point, try making it more specific. Don’t take the competition column into account. It doesn’t help you in validating your business niche. It just shows you how many other websites around that keyword are using Google Adwords.

Organic search

You can also find some valuable information within the Google search engine. Begin typing your keyword and see what Google offers up as suggested search terms. You can see a number of ideas before you press enter.

If you don’t see anything of interest, simply press enter and see what comes up. Firstly, look at the keywords in the websites displayed in the search results. Then view the “related search terms” at the bottom of the page. You can see even more potential niches that are attracting searches.


Again, stay on Google but now take a look at what the websites show on page one. Look at the products that are being offered. Are they getting a decent amount of traffic and is there a blog or is it just a website?

Take the website’s URL and enter it into a website that can show you its monthly traffic volume. There are a number of websites that can provide you with that date. One is SimilarWeb. Simply paste the website’s URL in SimilarWeb and see how much traffic the website is receiving. If it’s at least a few thousand, you can take that as a positive. If the search volume is in the tens of thousands, it means that the niche is performing very well indeed.

With it being in the creative industries, you’ll also want to look at social media. Find which relevant hashtags are popular. How are the main accounts performing? Look at how much engagement they get, not just how many followers they have. A good one to assess validity is Pinterest. If there are boards relevant to your niche, that’s another good sign. If the pins are being pinned to a high number of accounts, that’s even more positive.

Narrowing down

Once you’ve performed sufficient research, you’ll have a good idea whether or not you have a niche that you can succeed with. With all this information, you’ll have more data for your business plan. You’ll know where to go online, with social media platforms to focus your marketing on, and overall, be ready to establish your status as an expert.

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