How to Become More Creative Without Waiting for Inspiration – Part 1

Each of us has had days when we’re waiting around for inspiration to strike but no matter what we try, we can’t seem to find it. We feel uninspired and we feel stuck. It might be that we just can’t find the right words or the right visual concepts. Every idea that comes to us is just motionless as we seem unable to propel them forward or get anything more out of them.

When you’re a creative entrepreneur, however, even when it comes to making business decisions, you still need to find ways to be creative on those off days. Here are some ways to keep the creativity flowing.

Changing your environment

Routine might be a good thing with regards to productivity, but it isn’t always your greatest friend when it comes to creativity. It might be that you’ve become too used to the way things are and need to change something in order to encourage new ideas.

It could simply be a case of changing your office space. Even the noise around you can determine your level of creativity. Get out of the office and find new spaces where you can be freer to tap into your creative spirit when needed.

Taking a walk

Researchers at Stanford University have found that your creativity can be boosted by simply walking. Creativity increases by 60 per cent, on average, when walking. In fact, it continues to serve you even after you’ve returned to your desk.

Going on a trip

Changing a room might not inspire the level of creativity that you’re seeking. In that case, it might be that taking a trip somewhere is what’s needed. Go to a different town, city, or even country with your friends and have a good time while experiencing a new culture.

Working with others

When we come across a problem, we tend to try and resolve it on our own. Sometimes, however, the answer reveals itself when we discuss it with someone else. It could be that the answer is right there, but we just can’t seem to grasp it. When talking it through with someone, however, it comes up through our internal thoughts and leaps to the surface.

Combining opposites

Comedians often apply this technique for humour so why can’t it work in other areas of creativity? Some of the more successful advertising campaigns have been conceived by connecting an unrelated story or emotion to the one they’re trying to get across. Opposites are a powerful tool in your arsenal, so give them a try.

Looking back in time

History is remembered for a very good reason. What was once considered imaginative or significant might be the very thing to help you move forward. Take some time to look at those who came before us to see if their processes can be helpful in defining your own. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel- sometimes, it’s just about modifying it so it works for you.

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